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Frequently Asked Questions  

Can I get a sample name badge?


We charge $5.50 for a random sample badge without a back, or $6.75 if you want a magnetic back.  To order, just drop us an e-mail through the "contact us" form.  You can specify a size if you like. 

If you want a specific sample you need to order one at our regular rate and note in the comment area that this is a sample.  If you order more within 30 days we will credit the difference (e.g. order a magnetic one today for $12.95 plus shipping, order 10 more within 30 days at $8.00/ea, receive a $4.95 credit towards your 2nd order.  If you don't like the sample and will not be ordering badges from our company you can return it and we will refund the price of the badge (less shipping charges).

How much does your badges cost?

Please see the right column of our home page at for our prices.

There is NO Minimum and NO Set-up charges. 

How much is shipping/handling and what do you offer?

Shipping and handling prices can be seen here:

Best Way shipping is normally done via US Mail for small orders (usually arrives in 2-10 working days) and UPS ground for large orders (usually arrives in 1-5 working  days based on destination.

We do not have FedEx pickup.

We ship from the Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois area.

How long does it take to make my badges?

Average turn around time is 3-4 working days from the time you give final approval on the layout and we have your payment information, until your badges are ready to ship.  If you need a faster turn around time please note that in the comments area of your order.

Shipping methods range from Best Way (2-10 working days and will be shipped either by US Mail or by UPS ground) to Overnight shipping depending on your needs.   

Rush service is available.  If we have your approval for printing and your payment information by Noon Eastern time, we can normally get small orders (50 or less) of badges out that same day (call to verify 678-500-9059).  Rush charges of $35 will be added to your order for this service.

Is there anyway to see my badge before I place my order?

Currently, in order for us to know what you want on your badge, you will need to first, place your order.  Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.  Once we receive your order, we will set up a sample name badge (or two if we have alternate suggestions), post it on a web page and e-mail you a link for you to review the layout.  You can then reply to that e-mail with any changes you may want or if you decide you don't want to order, you can cancel your order at that time.

We are working on having an online viewer so that you will be able to see your badge during the ordering process but it is not available yet. 

Your sample layouts only show one badge in my order, can I see them all?

Yes.  You may request to see all of your badges setup but we do charge you an extra $ 1.95 per badge ($2.95/per badge for metallic background).  Showing you a proof of each badge does not guarantee that the final badges will be correct since we do not use this file for printing purposes.

You made a mistake in my order, what do I do?

E-mail us and tell us which badge is incorrect.  If the badge has a magnetic back, keep the magnet part off the back to put onto the new badge when it arrives.  We will get another out to you ASAP.  You normally are not required to return the badge to us unless there is something wrong other than a typo.

How strong are your magnets?

Strong enough to firmly hold through a thick business suit lapel and summer jackets.  They do not work on some winter overcoats.

What are the badges made out of?

The majority of our badges are made out of high quality white fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with a glossy finish.  This is a stiff plastic which is approximately .09" thick (about the same thickness of 2 U.S. dimes stacked on top of each other) .  

Our metallic badges are made out of a 1/16th inch thick (about the thickness of 2 credit cards) ridged acrylic with a brushed metal looking surface.

What are the file specifications?

  • Files must be in RGB color model (not CMYK).
  • Files must be in PC format.
  • Text in the files must be converted to curves.
  • Files should be less than 4 MB in size.
  • Image resolution should be 300 dpi.
  • Jpg and gif images should be saved in their highest quality- uncompressed 300 dpi.

The image size for each badge is listed in the table below. The bleed area extends beyond the size of the badge so that the color will go all the way to the edge. Most of this area will be cut off during printing.

To save time, please feel free to download our templates. The outer guideline (black) is for full bleed. The inner guideline (red) is the area for text. Please remove the red line prior to submission.

Actual Badge size Full bleed area Text should fit within CorelDraw 8+ template file
1" x 3" rectangle 1.1" x 3.1" .85" x 2.85"  
1.25" x 3" rectangle 1.35" x 3.1" 1.1" x 2.85" create-a-badge125x3.cdr
1.5" x 3" rectangle 1.6" x 3.1" 1.35" x 2.85"  
1.5" x 3" oval 1.6" x 3.1" 1.35" x 2.85" create-a-badgeoval.cdr
2" x 3" rectangle   2.1 x 3.1" 1.85" x 2.85" create-a-badge2x3.cdr

We ask that you upload only the background of your badge (you are welcome to put sample text in your vector or layered background of the badge for us to use as a guideline for layout) and then add the names/titles, etc.  in our our ordering system.  If you don't find a text or color to your liking, ask for a specific font and/or font color and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.  The reason we ask that you do it this way is that we normally need to convert everything from your file format to our printing process.  This is sometimes a very cumbersome task depending on your artwork.  We much prefer to convert only one badge and then change the names then to convert each and every badge you submit. 

What types of files can you accept?

Although you can not view most vector files in your web browser, we prefer vector files for printing because they print much cleaner.  Once we receive your vector file we will convert it to a browser viewable file so that you can preview it before it is printed.

File types in order of preference:

  • Corel Draw - cdr (preferred -v X3 or lower)
  • Adobe Illustrator - ai (v CS2 or lower)
  • Encapsulated Postscript - EPS
  • Windows Meta File - WMF
  • Adobe Photoshop - psd (v CS2 or lower)
  • JPEG - jpg (uncompressed - 300 dpi)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics - svg
  • PNG - png
  • GIF - gif
  • TIFF - tif
  • Bitmap - bmp
  • TARGA - tga

Color matching is not guaranteed. Why?

There are several reasons for not being able to match the colors to your monitor.  A monitor image is produced using light to illuminate red, green and blue (RGB) dots so is considered "light additive" or "transmissive". The monitor is able to display a much wider range of colors than a reflective product.  An image printed onto something is viewed by "reflective light" of the cyan, magenta, yellow and black  (CMYK) colors.  It is nearly impossible to make reflective and transmissive colors match.  If your monitor is calibrated correctly the colors will be very close to what you see on the screen.   Most monitors are not calibrated correctly when you purchase them.  Usually when you purchase a monitor you must calibrate it yourself using a program such as Adobe PhotoShop's gamma utility.

Additional reasons we may not be able to match your PMS colors exactly.  The process we use for the majority of our badges is a dye.  Dyes change from batch to batch and even change slightly due to things such as humidity or moisture in the paper we use to print your badges.  Also, the color gamut of these dyes are much more limited than the color gamut of regular printer inks.  Regular CMYK printer inks can print upwards of 14 million colors.  Our dyes can only print a small fraction of that many colors.

Will you do PMS color matching?

To the best of our ability, yes.  As we mentioned under the color matching question, our dyes do not have a complete range of the color spectrum so there will be certain PMS colors which we can not match exactly. 

If you require your design to be a specific PMS color, please provide the PMS color number(s) with a fully editable design (vector format).  We will do our best to get as close as possible.

Additional charges may apply.

Do you have any pointers when making our own badge design?

Most people wear name badges to help your customer avoid those embarrassing moments when they can't remember or didn't catch your name.  Name badges are not good as a business cards so we suggest not putting things such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses on your name badges, that is what your business card is for, something for them to take home instead of trying to remember all that information from your name badge. 

The names should be large enough for your customer to read at a distance of at least 4-6 feet.   If you are printing both first and last names with a logo to the left of the badge, we recommend splitting up the first and last names onto 2 lines.  We also recommend putting any designation such as RN, CPT, M.D., PhD, etc. on a line of it's own. We recommend you do not use text any smaller than 6 pt. for your smallest text  (some fonts should not be smaller than 10-12 point).  Names with fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc. should be around the 24 pt. size. 

Unless you are using just a first name on your badge, we recommend using upper and lower case letters as they are easier to read from a distance and the names actually can be larger fonts than when using all upper case letters.  If you like the look of upper case letters we can print most fonts in "small caps" such as this:  LINDA SMITH  please note that you want small caps in the comments area of your order.

When using thin text or serif text we recommend using bold versions of these fonts especially if they are used on darker colored backgrounds.  Light  text on dark backgrounds tend to get "swallowed up" by the surrounding dyes in our printing process.  We recommend after your design is finished to make all text in darker areas at least 1 point larger and outline the text with the same color to make it more bold.   

Bold colors look better than light, pastel or gradient colors on the metallic badges.  White can not be printed so anything that may be white in your design will be the color of the badge (gold, silver or copper).

What do people say about

- -"First of all thank you - I am very impressed with your service.  I belong to a number of organizations and will definitely pass along the company name and info for their use."
JHD - Vail, AZ  

- -"Thank you so much for our order. We received it TODAY to my amazement and it looks wonderful! I will refer you to everyone I know!"
KK - East Peoria, IL

- -"Received the order and we are very pleased with them, thank you so much for all your help, I will use you in the future I am sure."
CS - Buckeye, AZ

- -"Regina just received her name tags and they look great. I would like to get a few myself..."
JL - Everett, MA

- -"The badges look wonderful. Thank you for the sample pictures and doing a great job setting everything. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."
DM - Carson City, NV

- -"WOW! Your are FAST! Tuesday will be great. Thx for the speedy service."
WP - Duluth, MN

- -"Many thanks.  Your customer service is absolutely phenomenal!!  I'm 1000% satisfied, will  definitely refer others to you."
ES - Charlotte, NC

- -"Forward this to the owner... unless that person is you.  

We had originally called another company for our name badge order and after a week and a half and several missed promises we called Encompass Technologies and talked with Cherie.  Delightful to work with, helpful and within hours had given us what we were looking for which was a difficult two color on brushed metal process.  I read a quote last week where someone stated that having the right people for customer service is not an expense - but an investment.  Your company proves that."
DR - Atlanta, GA

- -"I LOVE my name badge. THANK YOU for the excellent service and attention you gave me!"
SB - Bowling Green, OH

- -"You are awesome. Thanks!"
TG - Mill Valley, CA

- -"Thank you so much - I received the name badges and they are wonderful. "
MH - Mechanicsburg, OH

- -"THESE LOOK AWESOME!! Many thanks."
ER - Wellesley, MA

- - "Thank you so much.  Itís been great doing business with you!"
JW - Chester, VA

- -"Hello Again! My staff is in love with the badges that you have made for us, and I wanted to order 2 more of the same..."
JD - Lewis, CO

- -"We received the badge last week, and it looks FABULOUS!  We'd like to order for the other agents..."
KL - Yonkers, NY  

- -"Thank you very much for your help. Your service has been excellent. I really appreciate your going out of your way to make up for this UPS delay. "
IZ - Atlanta, GA 



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